Ethics Statement


A member of the St. Louis Camera Club shall act in accordance with the by-laws of the St. Louis Camera Club.

A member shall be ethical when making and presenting photographic images. Images submitted for competition shall originate as photographs by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. By virtue of submitting an entry, the photographer certifies the work as his/her own.

Members not in compliance with this ethics statement will be subject to the loss of the right to compete and/or loss of competition points and honors.


Copyright Policy


As an organization comprised of photographers, the St. Louis Camera Club places a high value on the copyright of a creator in his or her artistic works.  We advocate for and strongly support all artists’ copyrights.  These include not only the rights of photographers and other artists in their visual works, but also the rights of musicians in their compositions and performances.  By submitting a presentation to the Club or an entry to any Club competition, a member represents that he/she has complied with all applicable copyright laws and regulations as they pertain to any third party content included in that entry, whether that third party content is aural or visual.  It is not the responsibility of any judge of these competitions to make any determination whether the use of music or third party images contained in any entry is in compliance with applicable copyright law.  We assume that the member submitting the entry has fully accepted and discharged this responsibility.  No judge’s decision regarding the merit of any entry will be influenced by the issue of copyright compliance or non-compliance.

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