Effective May 1, 2022

Board of Directors


President: Cindy Lynch
Vice President: Mary Sue Rosenthal Gee
Treasurer: Susan Hauser
Secretary: Angie Brown
Recorder: Tony Vogel


Jorge Restrepo
Liping Wang
Nancy Williams
Jason Bauman (1 Year)
Erik Anderson
Joe Harrison

At Large Board Members

Past President:  Donna Parrone
Webmaster:  Randy Oleson

The 13 people listed above serve on the Board of Directors.



Section Chairs - 2021-2022 Club Year

Program Chairman: Mary Sue Rosenthal Gee

Open Digital Image: Madi Hawn & Paul Kulessa

Nature: Marge Rosenthal, Bonnie Freeland

Prints: Dale and Marilyn Miller

Photo Travel: Donna Parrone

Photojournalism:  Susan Thomson & Bob Steiner


Committee Chairs - 2021-2022 Club Year

AdvertisingBruce Backus

Annual AwardsDonna Parrone

Holiday Party: Donna Parrone, Mary Sue Rosenthal Gee

Long & Short Photo Essay: Dick Roman

Membership Chairman:  Geoffrey PeConga

Picnic: Cindy Lynch & Donna Parrone

Projection: Ingrid Borecki

Setup and Sound: Ralph Baker

PSA Interclub: Kim Mulkey Young

Rules: Donna Parrone

Webmaster: Randy Oleson

Yearbook/Content Editor

Newsletter Editor: Jim Descher

Competition Manager: Bob Rickert, Joel Price, Liping Wang

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