Image Submission Requirements for all Digital Competitions

The maximum image size that can be displayed on the screen with our projector is 1400 pixels wide (horizontal dimension) by 1050 pixels high (vertical dimension). Therefore all images should be sized with the horizontal dimension equal to or less than 1400 pixels and the vertical dimension equal to or less than 1050 pixels.

The optimum resolution setting for the projector is 140dpi. Set your image to this dpi setting.

The Color Profile should be sRGB.

Format should be JPEG

File size may not exceed 800KB

Title is limited to 35 characters

Preparing Images

This Document describe a process for preparing images for competition. It is dated but most of the information is still valid. The last couple pages describing the upload of images is outdates; see the next section.

Image Upload tutorial

The Victoria Camera Club allowed us to use their tutorial on submitting images to a Visual Pursuits based website (which is what we now have). It provides step by step instructions for uploading images to a competition: Image Upload Tutorial

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