Historical Listing of Winning images

Occasionally we get requests from members for a listing of their winning images.  Our Club Recorder is primarily focused on maintaining point totals, promotions, etc. and maintenance of winning image titles has ebbed and flowed across the years. Since the advent of Visual Pursuits in 2017, digital versions of the winning images are viewable on the website.

Tony Vogel has attempted to reach back into our historic records and bring forward a listing of winning image titles for competitions beginning in 2005.  What you will find attached to this link is a PDF file of between 11,000 and 12,000 winning titles over that period!  We know that the list is not quite perfect, for a couple of technical reasons, but we believe it is 98% complete and we offer it to members for the first time as an aid in their own personal record keeping.   We think for most people it will be a complete listing.

This is offered for the convenience of members, but PLEASE do not request any additional information related to titles.   This is what is available at the moment and  we don’t have the resources to do any more digging through archives.  We hope you find it useful!

A special thanks to Tony Vogel who put it in much time and effort to compile this list.



This is a 348 page PDF so it may take a while to download to your computer.



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