Rookie-of-the-Year Award


The Rookie-of-the-Year Award will be given to the new member who accumulates the most points in the regular sections of Club competitions during the current Club yearThis excludes points earned in photo essay competitions.  Members are eligible during the Club year in which they join and the next Club year.  A member may receive the award only once.



Rookies Only Competition


The purpose of this annual event is to showcase the photographic talents of new members.  Regular competition points are not awarded.


Members joining for the first time in the previous or current club years are encouraged to submit up to two entries in each of the two categories of the special Rookies Only Competition:


Projected Images:  (Digital jpeg files - either digital captured or scanned)

Prints:  (Color or Monochrome)


There are no limits on subject matter or when the image was taken; however images that placed in any previous club contests including Rookies Only Competition are not eligible and should not be entered.  This competition will be held in late spring at a new member meeting and all Club members are welcome to attend.  The winners will be shown and awards presented at a subsequent regular club meeting.  The competition will follow general club rules for competitions (such as deadlines for entry, labeling and maximum/minimum print or digital file size, etc.) with the exception that two entries are allowed per person per contest.  Entries will be paired so that a single person can win only one place in each contest.  The total number of places per contest will be determined by the number of entrants per contest using the regular contest formula.  Judging will be by experienced camera club photographers.


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