St Louis Camera Club Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t login. How do I reset the password?

Press the Login button on the home page. This takes you to where you enter your Login Name and Password. Below that on the bottom of the page is a box that says Reset Your Password. Click on the Reset Password button and follow the instructions there.

How do I update my address, phone number and other information?

Logon to the website, click on the My Account menu item, then My Account Settings. Click on the third button displayed, Update Personal Profile and Organization Options. About halfway down are phone number fields where you can add your updates. Additionally, a little below that is a Privacy section, with a checkbox that says: Allow other active embers to view all of my contact information. Make sure that is checked so other members can view your change.

Where are the Competition rules?

They are on the website. Look under the Competitions menu for an item named Competition Rules/Etiquette.

What Competition Class am I in? How many cumulative points do I have?

It is under the Competitions menu item; look for Competition Information. After clicking that item you will see a page with links to pages about competitions.

  • Member points at start of the year displays just that. Finding your name there will show what class you are in for each Section.
  • Year To Date Points…. Will show the points accumulated by each members for the current club year.

Can I find out which images of mine have placed in past competitions?

The title of your past winning images can possibly be provided via a special request to the Recorder. Note that this will ONLY be the title.

What is Competing – Non Competing membership types?

With the implementation of the new Visual Pursuits software to manage our club website and competition process, there are two slightly different membership categories for Camera Club members. Both are Active Memberships, which means the membership is paid up to date and both enjoy all of the benefits of membership in the Club.

Active members can be either Competing or Non-Competing members. If members want to compete in our weekly competitions, they must be a Competing member. Members may view their membership category by logging into the web site; go to the My Account menu and select My Account Settings. There you will see a User Profile section and a line that has Membership in the left column. In the right part of that line, you should see if you are a competing member or not.

As a reference, we have approximately 320 members, of which 150 actually compete in our competitions. When we transitioned to the new software we had to determine which members would be considered to be "competing members". We did that by looking at the most recent date a member had logged into the Digital Competition System. We decided to make everyone who had logged into the system in the past Club year a competing member.

Prior to transitioning to the new Visual Pursuits software, we did not make the distinction between competing and non-competing memberships. If any member who is not shown as a competing member wants to be a competing member, the change in membership can be made easily and immediately.

We would encourage members to look at their profiles prior to when they want to upload an image to a competition so that the membership status can be confirmed.

The reason we are making this change now is that the camera club pays a subscription fee for the Visual Pursuits Software and that fee is based on the number of competing members rather than the total of members. It is to our benefit to classify members correctly so we do not pay fees higher than needed.

If we mis-classified someone as a non-competing member who wants to compete, just send the Treasurer an email at so it may be updated.

Does an email confirmation get sent when an image is uploaded for a competition?

No, an email is not sent by the new system. You may verify your entry by logging in and going to the same place where images are entered: 

Competitions -> Submit Images to a Competition. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where all open competitions are listed. There you will see whether an image was submitted to that competition. If one WAS submitted you will see “1 of 1 allowed entries were submitted” and you can click on the Select button on the left to view the image as well as change it if you desire. If an image has not been entered, it will show "0 of 1".

OR, An alternative is to check your Image History. After logging in, go to the My Account menu/tab and click on My Image History. This will show images that you have entered in competitions.

How do I submit an image to competitions?

There is an Image Submission Tutorial on the website.

Does the Camera Club have a placed I can post an item I want to sell?

Yes. See the following steps to add your item.

  • Under the Resources menu choose Discussion Forums.
  • A list of Forums will be displayed. Look for “SLCC: For Sale / Wanted” and Click on the View Topics button.
  • At the top of the displayed page is a Create New Topic button. Click on it and a window to enter your item information is displayed.
  • When finished, click on Post.
  • A message is forwarded to the Administrator so it may be approved.

Additionally, if you want to get updates for new items posted in the “For Sale” forum, look to the right of the page that shows all the forums. On the line for this one will be a Subscribe button. After you have subscribed, it will show as Edit Subscription.

Camera Club sponsorship

A link to information on becoming a Camera Club sponsor may be found on the Sponsor page, under About Us. Look for “Read here about becoming a Sponsor”.



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